are 6 lines for the input of the controller.

-Redline: for positive of the car battery.

-Black line: for a negative car battery.

-Blue line: connect to left turning light, LED move from right to left. (yellow light)

-Yellow line: connect to right turning light, LED move from left to right. (yellow light)

-Green line: connect to small lamps. (ice blue light)

-White line: connect to the brake light. (red light)

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How to Install:

There is double sided tape on the backside of tape. Remove the tape and stick the strip on the car.

1. Redline: connect to car battery positive or acc positive.

2. Black line: connect to car battery negative.

3. The blue line (Left): connect to turn-left cable, then turn left, the strip is flowing red from right to left.

4. Yellow line (Right): connect to turn-right cable, then turn right, the strip is flowing red from left to right.

5. Green line: connect to a small light, when driving, the whole strip is in ice blue.

6. White line: connect to brake light, when brake, the whole strip is in red.




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